Handy Conversations #1 - Education

ESL/General education back to school, ready-to-teach lesson plan



Handy Conversations is a series of ESL lesson plans aimed at teens and adults who want to improve their speaking abilities or/and for ESL teachers who want to warm the classroom up!

"Handy Conversations: Education" is a perfect lesson for the beginning of a school year, it makes students think about their plan for the upcoming semester as well as helps them answer the difficult but crucial "Why am I actually here?" question.

This lesson plan can be used with teenagers as well as adults, however, it's not necessarily an ESL plan - it can be used with any student of any subject.

The set contains a Powerpoint presentation, a .DOC file and a PDF file.

This is a premium lesson plan and is currently available only on Teachers Pay Teachers. Removing the Handy English logo and re-uploading/selling the file is strictly forbidden.