Grammar Revision A2/ A2+

End of the year and back to school grammar revision A2 A2+ pre-intermediate


pre-intermediate grammar revision for end of the year and back to school activities
pre-intermediate grammar revision for end of the year and back to school activities

Have your students finished the school year but you are unsure if they haven't forgotten half of the material? Are Present Simple, Questions, Used to, Be going to, First Conditional, Second Conditional, Modal Verbs, Possessive Pronouns, Present Perfect, and other pre-intermediate structures still confusing? Are you looking for a versatile end-of-the-year and back-to-school grammar activity? Do you want your students to review the level but also have fun? This revision comes to the rescue!

Please bear in mind that this is a revision, so the cards are in random order - more categories and levels are in the making (such as "present simple revision", "past simple revision", "modal verbs revision", and will be available in the store soon.)

What is it?

  • a versatile ESL/ELA activity

  • focusing on grammar and accuracy

  • end of the year activities and revisions

  • back to school activities and revisions

  • for games, quizzes, game shows, warm-ups, pair work, group work, competitions, etc!

  • a lot of fun - for younger learners, teenagers, and adults!

  • ESL levels: A2/A2+

  • for classroom and digital use

What's included?

  • 130 (!!) open cloze sentences/questions that are based on A2/A2+ grammar (list of the grammatical structures below) in high-quality PNG format (great for interactive boards and/or digital lessons)

  • + 130 PNG files with correct answers + 1 PDF key (2 pages)

  • 1 printable PDF file with 9 task cards per page (15 pages + 1 page full of templates)

  • A4 Landscape - print it in colour or in greyscale!

  • 2 printable PDF files with 14 sentence strips per page

  • A4/US Letter - print it in colour or in greyscale!

  • a template for your students to make their own cards

Grammatical Structures used:

  • several cards per structure

  • present simple

  • present continuous

  • questions

  • past simple

  • past continuous

  • possessive pronouns

  • be going to

  • future simple

  • relative clauses

  • time sequencers

  • present perfect + for, since, yet, already

  • something, anything, nothing,

  • comparatives, superlatives, quantifiers

  • infinitive, gerund, modal verbs,

  • first conditional, second conditional

  • passive voice - present simple, past simple

  • used to

  • so/neither

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