BBC REEL - The Scandinavian way to tackle winter

A perfect seasonal no-prep video-based lesson plan



Tired of discussing Christmas every single year? Need an original seasonal and winter lesson plan?

Your students are not 10 anymore and want to discuss real-life content while improving their active listening skills?

Handy Videos presents a perfect no-prep lesson plan based on a Youtube video from one of the biggest educational channels: BBC REEL - The Scandinavian way to tackle winter

The set consists of a PowerPoint presentation with answers provided as fancy animations, a printable PDF for students + a KEY!

3 pdf pages x 2 - SSV and KEY: full lesson plan for 45-90 minutes) and a PowerPoint presentation (around 8 slides)

What kind of activities are provided?

Speaking: Let's exchange our experience and opinions,

Listening: Fill in the blanks, True or False,

Vocabulary: fill in the blanks, word-formation

Follow-up: discussion

Homework: Project based on individual research.

Disclaimer: Sources provided, written permission to use the video from BBC REEL received.

Removing the Handy English logo and re-uploading/selling the file is strictly forbidden.