FIND YOUR TWIN! Halloween edition

A fun and versatile game for your A1, A2 and B1 Students




Can be used as speaking cards in the classroom/online, question formation activity, basic tenses revision or even a writing assingment!

The set consists of:

- 30 unique cards of Halloween characters, each one with their unique name, daily routine, likes and dislikes!

- Cards are in a digital PDF (1 card per page), a printable PDF (2 cards per page - landscape) + 30 PNG files to be used in the classroom or online

- Teacher's notes


Aims of the game:

- to be able to form Yes/No questions using present simple/past simple/present continuous structures

- to be able to answer questions using short answers

- to learn or review thematic vocabulary

- to have fun!

a Halloween grammar and vocabulary game

Rules of the game:

(Teacher's notes)

- print each card at least twice

- give each student one card

- make sure there are at least two students with the same card

- students are forbidden to show their cards!

- Ask students to walk around the classroom and ask each other questions

- only Y/N questions are allowed!


Does your character like cats?

Does your character wake up at 6 a.m.?

Is your character playing the piano now?

Did your character go to the pool yesterday?

- Gender pronouns are not recommended (makes it easier to guess)

- Open questions are not allowed (makes it easier to guess)

"What is your character doing now?" (WRONG)

- make sure your students use correct verb tenses

Use it also online:

Give one picture to each student and either put them in break-out rooms (in pairs or small groups) or ask them to use the private chat.

Assign it as homework:

Ask your students to write sentences based on the cards.

Removing the Handy English logo and re-uploading/selling the file is strictly forbidden.

a Halloween grammar and vocabulary game
a Halloween grammar and vocabulary game