Handy Conversations: Business Expenses

A perfect no-prep lesson plan for professionals, accountants, and entrepreneurs.


1/24/20221 min read


This lesson plan is perfect for business professionals as well as accountants or entrepreneurs!

Business English: Business Expenses

  • a no-prep lesson plan for professionals working in banking and accounting

  • focus on speaking and vocabulary

  • real-life content

  • ESL levels: B1+/C1

  • PDF and PowerPoint

What's included?

  • a fully designed lesson for at least 60 minutes that requires no preparation - 3 pages full of various activities

  • 2 versions of the lesson plan - one for your students and one for you (with answers!)

  • a fully animated PowerPoint presentation (same content) with answers provided (only the key is editable)

  • in both A4 and US letter formats


  • a warm-up activity:

    • quotes about expenses discussion

  • speaking:

    • open questions

    • the most common expenses

    • brainstorm: cost-cutting

  • real-life content:

    • suggest possible write-offs

  • thematic vocabulary

    • matching activities


  • to improve communication by discussing various topics related to entrepreneurship and accounting

  • to improve thematic vocabulary skills

  • to practice giving opinions

  • to practice real-life situations

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