SciShow Psych - Why are we so obsessed with pumpkin spice?

ESL VIDEO NO-PREP LESSON PLAN for teens and adults



Tired of discussing Halloween every single year? Need an original seasonal and autumnal lesson plan?

Your students are not 10 anymore and want to discuss real-life content while improving their active listening skills?

Handy Videos presents a perfect no-prep lesson plan based on a Youtube video from one of the biggest educational channels: SciShow Psych: Why are we so obsessed with pumpkin spice?

The lesson plan is partially based on my own research and partially on a youtube video from SciShow Psych, called Why We're obsessed with Pumpkin Spice?

The set consists of a PowerPoint presentation with answers provided as fancy animations, a printable PDF for students + a KEY!

What kind of activities are provided?

Speaking: Let's exchange our experience.

Listening: Put the topics in the correct order, True or False

Vocabulary: Match the two halves,

Role-Play: Stay assertive!

Homework: Project based on individual research.

Disclaimer: Sources provided, written permission to use the video from SciShow Psych received.

Removing the Handy English logo and re-uploading/selling the file is strictly forbidden.