[BLOG] From Teaching Assistant to ESL Teacher: My Journey Abroad

Not sure if teaching English is for you? Read this blog post about my favourite things about being a Teacher's Assistant and find out!


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Teaching English abroadTeaching English abroad
From Teaching Assistant to ESL Teacher: My Journey Abroad
Have you ever had a role that unexpectedly sparked your passion and set you on a whole new career path? For me, that role was being a Teaching Assistant (TA) abroad. What started as a casual opportunity to gain some experience quickly evolved into a profound journey that led me to become an ESL teacher. Let me share with you why I loved being a TA abroad and how it ultimately pushed me into the world of ESL teaching.

Gaining Experience and Sparking Interest

Being a TA abroad was an ideal opportunity for me to dip my toes into the world of education. It allowed me to gain valuable experience while exploring my interest in teaching. Each day brought new challenges and learning opportunities, fueling my curiosity and passion for the field.

Light on Tasks, Heavy on Learning

One of the things I loved most about being a TA was that it wasn't overloaded with tasks. Instead, it felt like I was a professional shadow, observing and learning from experienced teachers. This allowed me to focus on absorbing knowledge and developing my skills without feeling overwhelmed by administrative duties.

Diving into the Trade

Every day as a TA felt like diving into the trade of teaching and mastering English like a boss. I was immersed in the language and culture, surrounded by eager students who were eager to learn. It was a dynamic environment that challenged me to continuously improve and grow.

Unlocking Creativity

Being a TA encouraged me to think outside the box and find creative ways to engage with students. Whether it was designing interactive lessons or organizing fun activities, I had the freedom to explore my creativity and tailor my approach to suit the needs of my students.

Building Connections with Students

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a TA was building genuine connections with my students. Unlike the traditional role of a teacher, I wasn't the one solely responsible for distributing quizzes and assignments. Instead, I was able to focus on building rapport and connecting with students on a personal level, earning their trust and respect in the process.

The Path to ESL Teaching

My experience as a TA abroad was transformative in more ways than one. It not only solidified my passion for teaching but also inspired me to pursue a career in ESL education. Through my time as a TA, I discovered my love for language teaching and realized the impact I could have on students' lives by helping them master English.

In conclusion, being a TA abroad was an invaluable experience that shaped my journey into ESL teaching.
It provided me with the perfect blend of experience, learning, and creativity, ultimately paving the way for a fulfilling career in education.
If you're considering a career in teaching, don't underestimate the power of being a Teaching Assistant—it could be the first step towards discovering your true calling.
Teaching English abroadTeaching English abroad
Teaching English abroadTeaching English abroad
Teaching English abroadTeaching English abroad