[BLOG] Types of Employment in ESL

Not sure where to find a job in ESL? Read this blog post about types of employment in ESL!


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how to find a job as an English Teacher
how to find a job as an English Teacher
Types of Employment in ESL
Embarking on a career in ESL opens up a world of opportunities, each with its own set of perks and pitfalls. Whether you're drawn to the structure of public schools, the flexibility of online teaching, or the autonomy of freelance tutoring, there's a path that suits your preferences and lifestyle. Let's dive into the different types of ESL work and weigh their pros and cons.

Public School ESL Teacher


Sweet Job Security: Public school gigs usually come with that sweet job security and benefits package.

LearningNever Stops: There are often opportunities for professional development – keep on learning!


Paperwork Parade: Public schools can have a ton of bureaucratic hoops to jump through, slowing things down.

What is flexibility?: You might find your hands tied when it comes to shaking up the curriculum or teaching methods.

Private Language Institute Instructor


Call the Shots: Private language institutes can give you more freedom to spice up your lessons and teaching style.

Mix it Up: Teaching a mix of ages and language levels keeps things interesting and diverse.


Job Rollercoaster: Private institutes might have their ups and downs in student numbers, making job stability a bit shaky.