Student Contract .DOC and PDF

Let's get organised!



Hello everyone!

Here comes another, perfectly timed free resource.

Find out what your students need and exchange ideas right from the start! It will not only show them you really do care about them but also motivate them and organise their studies!

This is my favourite ready-to-go warm-up activity for the beginning of a new school year or semester.

The worksheet was originally created for ESL students but can be also used with any students/subjects you wish!

Comments/lesson plan is not included this time since the worksheet is meant to spark students' imagination and creativity.

It is editable, convertible to PDF, and possible to use in face-to-face lessons as well as online ones.

I am sharing 2 worksheets designed for either higher or lower-level students, it is entirely up to you which one you want to choose!

These worksheets are also available on Teachers Pay Teachers for free!

Let the learning begin!