[PDF] Past Simple Christmas Pack

[PDF] 3 engaging Christmas-themed activities for younger learners


Handy_English_christmas past simple_activities_baubles_christmas_tree_christmas_story
Handy_English_christmas past simple_activities_baubles_christmas_tree_christmas_story
Past Simple Christmas Pack is:
  • a pack of 3 Christmas-themed activities
  • a lot of fun for younger learners of English
  • ESL levels: A1/A2
  • for classroom and digital use
  • for individual or pair/group work
  • super cute!
What's included?
1 PDF file WITH:
Activity 1:
  • 3 pages of Past Simple Christmas Baubles to color
  • 10 verbs on each page in both present and past forms (buy-bought) = 20 baubles per page
  • There are only irregular verbs!
Activity 2:
  • 1 page with a Christmas Tree to decorate
  • Students must choose which time expression is used in the Past Simple and decorate the tree
Activity 3:
  • 1 page with a Christmas Story written in the Past Simple
  • Students must complete the story with words given
  • includes both regular and irregular verbs
  • key provided! (+1 page)
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