Back-to-School comic book pages are a fantastic way to start the new semester!


back to school COMIC pages ELL ESL French Spanish German
back to school COMIC pages ELL ESL French Spanish German
Write your own comic books with these fun and cute Back-to-School comic strips and comic pages. Use them one by one or write a whole comic book by using the whole set!
These Back-to-School Comic Pages are perfect for creative Back-to-School lessons.
Celebrate going back to school in a creative way!
Not sure if it's for you? Check out the free version!-> HERE
What is it?
  • a creative activity for students of all languages
  • ELL, ESL, Spanish, French, German, and more!
  • focusing on communication and creativity
  • for classroom and digital use
  • individual or pair/group work
  • a lot of fun and super cute!
What's included?
  • 30 pages
    • 15 comic pages with clipart and speech bubbles
    • 15 templates with thematic clipart (1 per page) and speech bubbles to create your own stories!
  • in both PDF and PNG format
  • both A4 and US Letter format in B&W - eco-friendly!
  • educational use only
    Can be used as:
  • a warm-up activity - grab your students' attention with a quick story
  • an individual/pair/group activity - unleash your students' full potential
  • a homework assignment - some students create amazing stories when not under pressure
  • a classroom project - create a story and draw it as a project
  • to review/learn thematic vocabulary, objects, and verbs
  • to be able to form longer sentences and dialogues
  • to foster creativity and communication
  • to review grammar and practice accuracy
  • to have fun!