[PDF/PNG] Dialogue Prompts: Travelling

Help your intermediate and upper-intermediate ESL students to be the most communicative learners in the world with these no-prep dialogue prompts!



Make your Summer, Travel-themed and Vacation-themed lessons more fun with these no-prep Functional Language Dialogue Prompts for Intermediate ESL/ELA students

  • an easily adaptable activity related to making conversations, small talk, making plans, making reservations, travelling, sightseeing, going on a trip, summer holidays, and more!

  • Perfect for intermediate students and/or students who still struggle with everyday conversations and small talk

  • speaking, speaking, speaking

  • Speaking and Writing Prompts

  • vocabulary

  • dialogue prompts

  • real-life conversations

  • for all age groups

  • PDF and PNG

  • digital and printable

  • ELA

  • ESL levels: A1-A2+

  • easily adaptable

Can be used as:
  • warm-ups

  • stand-alone activities

  • supplementary materials

  • homework

  • writing prompts

  • exam practice

  • role-plays

  • oral practise

  • assignments

  • quizzes/ tests

  • ... and whatever else works for you!

What's included?
  • 20 prompts + 2 templates to make your own dialogues

  • Digital: 20 high-quality PNG cards, 1 PDF file with 20 cards

  • Print: 1 PDF file with 2 cards per page (A4 landscape - easily printed in other formats)

  • beautifully designed

    • minimalistic but fun and print-friendly

  • no key needed - every dialogue can be different