[PDF/PNG] Handy Grammar: Zero Conditional

Drill with Handy Flashcards! Assess with Handy Task Cards!


Zero conditional esl grammar flashcards task cards speaking assessments_preview
Zero conditional esl grammar flashcards task cards speaking assessments_preview
Handy Grammar is a new series drilling using the communicative and creative method.
This is a zero conditional set.
Stay tuned for other Handy Grammar sets, such as first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, passive voice, English tenses, and other grammatical structures.
Please read the description carefully - pictures are available in the detailed preview!
Handy Grammar: Zero conditional
  • an activity for practising the zero conditional
  • ESL levels: at least A2+/B1
  • focusing on accuracy in speaking and writing
  • for teens and adults
  • PNG, PDF
  • digital and print-friendly!
  • speaking, writing, assignments, assessments, games
What's included?
98 high-quality .png FLASHCARDS
  • 83 flashcards with 2 different tasks: Finish it! or Begin!
  • students have to complete the zero conditional sentences with their own ideas using "if/when and unless"
  • 9 cards with example sentences (one per each subcategory)
  • 3 templates to make your own cards
15 high-quality .png TASK CARDS
  • each task card has a different category of sentences to complete if/when/unless
  • 6 sentences on each card
  • perfect for short quizzes or revision
  • mix the cards the way you see fit!
  • 5 pages in PDF
  • 3 task cards per page
  • 8 pages in PDF
  • possible to print double-sided
  • to review and practise the zero conditional
  • to be able to use it in speaking and in writing
  • to be able to think creatively and form own examples
  • to be able to use the templates provided to create new tasks