[PDF/PNG] Yay or Nay FUN

A simple but fun speaking activity for all levels.


Yay or Nay! FUN edition is a great activity to be used in your classroom or online!
It can be used with all levels as:
- a warm-up activity
- a speaking task
- a homework assignment
- an online activity
...and so on!
Aims of the game:
- to review/learn thematic vocabulary, objects, and verbs
- to be able to give opinions and justify them
- to think critically and creatively
- to be able to form longer sentences
I like apples.
I like apples because they are delicious, and we can make apple pies from them.
- to have fun!
Entertainment hobbies fun Games for English lessons pdf
Entertainment hobbies fun Games for English lessons pdf
The set consists of:
- 30 unique cards in high-quality PNG format
- a template for your students to make their own cards!
- 1 PDF file with 1 card per page
- 1 printable PDF file with 2 cards per page -> if you want to make the cards smaller just print 2 pages on one page!
- teacher's notes
- Key language for levels: A1, A2, and B1
- Key language for levels: B2, C1, C2
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