[PDF/PPT] Business English: Business Culture Megapack

A collection of multiple activities related to Business English, especially Business Culture and working in a big company



A collection of multiple activities related to Business English, especially Business Culture and working in a big company.

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About this Megapack:

  • speaking, speaking, speaking

  • vocabulary

  • functional grammar

  • functional language

  • real-life content

  • for adults

  • PDF and PowerPoint

  • digital and printable

  • ESL levels: B1-C2

  • easily adaptable

  • create your own unique lessons by using different activities

  • cut, match, adapt, and teach

Can be used as:

  • warm-ups

  • stand-alone activities

  • supplementary materials

  • homework

  • writing prompts

  • role-plays

  • oral practise

  • assignments

  • quizzes/ tests

  • ... and whatever else works for you!


  • to improve communication by discussing various topics related to Business Culture, communicating at work, Work Environment, Work Conflicts, Job Security, Codes, Rules, Perks, Values and more!!

  • to improve thematic vocabulary skills

  • to practise functional language and phrases

  • to practise polite questions

  • to practise debating, giving opinions, agreeing and disagreeing

  • to practise real-life situations

ESL Business English Business Culture Vocabulary Role-Plays Speaking
ESL Business English Business Culture Vocabulary Role-Plays Speaking

Help your intermediate, intermediate and advanced ESL students to be the most communicative international business professionals in the world with this adaptable business megapack!

What's included?

  • 18 (!!) pages full of various activities - dozens of vocabulary tasks, role-plays, debates, and dialogues, problem-solving activities

  • a fully animated PowerPoint presentation (same content - some elements are not editable!)

  • beautifully designed

    • minimalistic but fun and print-friendly

  • in both A4 and US letter formats

  • the key is included