[PDF/PPT] Handy Conversations #5 AUTUMN

READY-TO-USE seasonal lesson plan about Autumn.


Windy, chilly, gloomy, or maybe unpredictable, enchanting, and relaxing?
This ready-to-use lesson plan helps your students get into the mood for the upcoming season, when the rain pours and the tea brews. When the blanket becomes your best friend and your cat starts growing back the hair it shed 3 months ago.
Adored or despised - Autumn is definitely the season to discuss!
This lesson plan consists of:
- an autumn trivia quiz, a discussion with multiple questions, 2 FCE/CAE spidergrams, autumnal compound nouns, and a creative writing assignment for homework.
It is available in a PDF file (SS version + KEY), and a PowerPoint presentation.
This lesson plan will be a part of a seasonal trilogy, available soon.
This is a premium lesson plan and is currently available only on Teachers Pay Teachers. But it is FREE until 10/9/2021 because today it's my birthday!
Edit: the lesson plan is not free anymore but it might be in the future! Follow me to find out!
Removing the Handy English logo and re-uploading/selling the file is strictly forbidden.
Autumn lesson plan pdf for english lessons fce cae
Autumn lesson plan pdf for english lessons fce cae