[PDF/PPT] Handy Idioms: Valentine's Day (pink or B&W)

Flashcards, Task Cards, and Worksheets with lovable idioms



Valentine's idioms speaking vocabulary, writing and assessment
Valentine's idioms speaking vocabulary, writing and assessment
Learning Idioms can be a pain in the neck, but with these beautiful flashcards and task cards for digital and offline use, they will be easy to teach and learn!
Valentine's Day Idioms:
  • a fun and versatile activity
  • real-life topics
  • ESL levels: B1-C2 teenagers and adults
  • focusing on speaking and vocabulary
  • Digital/Printable
What's included?
  • 30 unique flashcards x2 + 1 double-sided template to create your own cards
  • front: an idiom related to love, heart, feelings, relationships, and so on, 3 possible meanings, a unique drawing, an example
  • back: the answer, a question to associate the idiom with its meaning
  • 3 versions:
  • digital: 62 high-quality PNG files for online/interactive use
  • 2 printable versions: for one-sided and double-sided print
  • Worksheet cards based on example sentences
  • 6 high-quality png files + key
  • a printable version + key
How to use:
  • a collaborative speaking activity/assignment
  • writing/speaking practice - Why do you think we use this idiom this way?
  • homework - research the origins of the idioms
  • a (graded) quiz
  • a fun, thematic lesson
Aims of the activity:
  • to learn new thematic idioms
  • to review the idioms we already know
  • to discuss their origins and usage
  • to be able to use idioms in a sentence
  • to use our creativity and research to create our own cards