[PDF/PPT] SciShow Psych - The psychology of cuffing season

A seasonal video-based lesson plan for Winter and Valentine's Day lesson with a twist



english lesson video-based plan winter cuffin season psychology
english lesson video-based plan winter cuffin season psychology
This video-based lesson plan focuses on the listening, speaking, and vocabulary skills of your teenage and adult students. It is a great distraction from boring coursebook lessons and it can be used for seasonal Winter and Valentine's Day Lessons as well as throughout the year!
A seasonal Winter and Valentine's Day video-based lesson plan with a twist!
  • a no-prep lesson plan based on a video by SciShow Psych - The Psychology of Cuffing Season
  • real-life content
  • ESL levels: B2/C1 - teenagers and adults
  • Speaking, Listening, and Vocabulary
  • PDF and PowerPoint
  • great for a Winter/Valentine's Day lesson
What's included?
  • a fully designed lesson for at least 60 minutes that required no preparation - 3 pages full of various activities
  • 2 versions of the lesson plan - one for your students and one for you (with answers!)
  • a fully animated PowerPoint presentation (same content) with answers provided - only the key is editable!
  • in both A4 and US letter formats
  • 2 discussions
    • agree/disagree
    • surviving winter - tips and tricks
  • listening comprehension
    • Reorder the topics
    • True or False
  • vocabulary
    • fill in the gaps
    • show discussion
  • homework
    • research project
  • to improve communication by discussing various topics related to seasonal psychology
  • to improve active listening skills
  • to get used to different accents in English
  • to learn new vocabulary
  • to discover new trends and ideas from around the world